, February 2018  
"My son hasn't missed a day of school due to illness since we started taking EpiCor."*

, February 2018  
"I'm a nurse and can tell you this stuff really works, I don't go a day without taking my EpiCor."*

, February 2018  
"I'm a nurse and I can tell you that EpiCor really works!"*

, January 2018  
"I'm a big believer that EpiCor works! I feel better than ever and have had fewer colds than in years past. If I do get the sniffles, it doesn't amount to much of anything. Thanks ProActive Health Products!"*

, December 2017  
"Great Product"*

, September 2017  
"This is the best value ever! Now everyone in my family has their own supply of EpiCor without breaking the bank. Thanks for keeping my family healthy!"*

, July 2016  
"My husband has taken this since it was first offered to people because he delivered at the plant it is made at. I just started a couple years ago when I got pneumonia and could not kick it. This stuff is wonderful and has helped me combat my allergies"*

, December 2015  
"I was on a advar inhailer every 4 hrs started Epicor about 6yrs ago and don't have any trouble breathing"*

, October 2015  
"I started taking EpiCor April 2014 after my step-dad told me about it. I work in a middle school where the germs are roamin free! I ALWAYS get at least one major cold, every year without fail. UNTIL THE 14-15 school year...NOT ONE LITTLE SNIFFLE MUCH LESS A DAY MISSED OF WORK, SPENT HOME IN BED! EpiCor gets 2 thumbs up from me and all the credit for keeping me healthy!"*

, August 2014  
"My wife takes it and has fewer colds and sinus infections."*

, July 2014  
"My son and I both have taken EpiCor for at least 4 years. Neither of us has had a cold or the flu. It works. We are both pleased with it. I am ordering a year's siupply again. AT $9.25 a bottle that's cheap insurance, and good medicine. I am 87 and still going strong.* Mary Kennedy"*

, April 2014  
"My wife and I have been using EpiCor for quite some time and are pleased with the results. I have recommended EpiCor to others on many occasions."*

, March 2013  
"I have been taking since 2009 everyday after suffering two to three cold a year working as a teacher around lots of sick kids--2 minor colds since 2009 taking this stuff--it works for me! stopped once for a month and caught the one cold."*

, January 2013  
"EpiCor is my secret weapon. I train year round to compete in triathlons and other endurance events. EpiCor allows me to recover faster, so I can continue to do the volume of training needed to be competitive in these events. EpiCor also keeps me healthy. I work in a major hospital and have not used a sick day for myself in over 3 years."*

, September 2012  
"Have been taking for about 2 1/2 years and have not had trouble with allergies. I usually have until this fall when we have an over amount of very dry soil and alot of mold in the farm crops."*

, September 2012  
"Amazing! Keeps you well, then if something does sneak through, it is less severe and gone quickly! I am a believer after two years of no major illness and allergies sinuses are even much better. Try it, you will like it!*"*

, April 2012  
"I have been taking EpiCor since 2004 and love the reduced recovery time for my body after strenuous exercise. Most noticeable was the elimination of colds and sinus congestion when returning from international travel. In August 2010, I was diagnosed with . I asked my Oncologist about taking EpiCor while under her treatment and she approved as EpiCor helps balance and maintain the immune system would be good as chemo treatments will break down the immune system. I increased my EpiCor intake to 6 capsules per day and have not been sick once since last October. Working full time, only miss one day every two weeks. I am extremely blessed to recognize how healthy and vibrant I feel, which leads to a very good quality of life. I have to attribute this healthy position to what EpiCor has done for me. Thank you EpiCor!"*

, March 2012  
"I feel like it has made a huge difference in immune system."*

, December 2011  
""I must confess that when I first heard of EpiCor, I was very skeptical of the claims I was hearing from people who had been taking it. I had a change of heart after taking EpiCor for about a year. During that year, I skipped my annual cold/sinus infection/bronchitis that usually required at least one doctor's visit and tons of nice antibiotics and lovely cough syrup. During that year I didn't get sick at all...with anything!! I am now on about year 4 or 5 of taking EpiCor and I have had one cold which lasted about 3 days and did not require any doctors visits, antibiotics or cough syrup. If you are not taking EpiCor, take it from a skeptic, this stuff works. You need to be on it and so does your spouse and kids. It's far cheaper than going to the doctor and it works!!"*"*

, July 2011  
""Since I started taking Epicor my allergies are almost non-existent. When I get a cold it is so minor I barely notice it and don't need to take anything for it and I haven't gotten the flu. Epicor is awesome and I recommend it to all of my friends and family!""*

, January 2011  
""I have taken EpiCor for the last three years. I previously caught the flu even with flu shots, but have not had the flu or a bad cold since starting EpiCor and stop getting flu shots. It works!""*

, October 2010  
""I struggled with an injury that really set me back for how much running I was able to do over the summer and only competed in one triathlon the whole year. I'd have to say that taking EpiCor had to help me recover from workouts and be fresher for the next go around, even with a lower training volume. I will admit that I wasn't as sore as I remember in the past.""*

, September 2010  
""My husband and I have been taking EpiCor for a year. We have both had a very healthy year and feel great. We think EpiCor has improved our quality of life.""*

, July 2010  
""My 43 year old daughter has had extremely high blood pressure since she was a teenager. She takes the strongest medicine they can give her. Recently she was in to see her doctor and he was astonished that her readings were down 30 points. He said "Your blood pressure has NEVER been this low; what are you doing?" Her response was that I had given her a bottle of EpiCor and she had been taking it for almost a month. He told her to keep taking it because it was working!!!!""*

, June 2010  
""I read an article on EpiCor about 4 weeks ago. I went right out and bought a bottle. My husband is an elementary principal and a few times a year he will bring home the flu or a cold. I thought this is perfect for me!!! Well I did not expect this, but for months & months I would wake up at 1, 2 and 3 or just stay awake for hours at night. After a week on EpiCor I sleep all night and do not wake up during the night. This is totally amazing! I will take this for the rest of my life! Thank you for this wonderful product."*"*

, December 2009  
""I started having a nighttime cough and began taking 2 EpiCor capsules per day. Within 2 days my cough was better. It saved my weekend getaway! I’m a believer!"*"*

, June 2009  
""I have taken EpiCor now for over 3 years and I can say again this year I did not have the spring allergies like I have in years past. It has been so nice not to have the sinus problems I used to experience.""*

, February 2009  
""I am really happy that I have not had a cold or any other illness this winter. I am giving credit to the EpiCor I have been taking. (Thanks again!). I shared a sample with a co-worker and she also has not been ill since she started taking EpiCor. She is pretty amazed…she always gets sick in January. After feeling well for a month or two, I ordered a large supply and gave some to my mom and sister for Christmas gifts. They are also enjoying good health!""*

, January 2009  
""My husband left in December to deploy to Iraq and we have two boys, 9 and 6. I was worried about getting sick during these Iowa winters and didn’t want to worry about that on top of everything else, so I decided to try EpiCor. I did get a cold during Christmas, but it consisted of a sore throat for a couple of days and got better after that. I’ve been good ever since. I’m usually healthy but get one bad cold and you can be out of it for a week. I didn’t want that to happen when my other half isn’t here to help out. I’m sure EpiCor has helped keep me in the game!"*"*

, December 2008  
""I have been taking EpiCor for about 2 months and have noticed improved health already. Thank you for your product!""*

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