Mini-Family Pack - (6) 30 capsule bottles

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Share the gift of good health with friends and family.

The Mini-Family pack is 6 (30 count) bottles of EpiCor®.

EpiCor® is a natural nutritional supplement that helps optimize immune system function. A balanced immune system supports the body's natural defenses also helps to modulate inflammatory response.


Unlike most immune ingredients, EpiCor has published human clinical trials showing it supports the immune system in many different ways. EpiCor helps strengthen the body’s defenses by:

  • Increasing antioxidant protection and white blood cell (NK cell) activity in as little as two hours.*
  • Increasing important sIgA antibodies over time.*
  • Optimizing beneficial bacteria in your gut, where over 70% of your immune cells reside.*
  • When taken daily, EpiCor helps you live more healthy days with respiratory benefits and a happy, healthy gut.*
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Customer Reviews

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by on February 10, 2018

My son hasn't missed a day of school due to illness since we started taking EpiCor.

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by on March 16, 2013

I have been taking since 2009 everyday after suffering two to three cold a year working as a teacher around lots of sick kids--2 minor colds since 2009 taking this stuff--it works for me! stopped once for a month and caught the one cold.

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by on September 16, 2010

"My husband and I have been taking EpiCor for a year. We have both had a very healthy year and feel great. We think EpiCor has improved our quality of life."

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by on July 16, 2010

"My 43 year old daughter has had extremely high blood pressure since she was a teenager. She takes the strongest medicine they can give her. Recently she was in to see her doctor and he was astonished that her readings were down 30 points. He said "Your blood pressure has NEVER been this low; what are you doing?" Her response was that I had given her a bottle of EpiCor and she had been taking it for almost a month. He told her to keep taking it because it was working!!!!"

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