Mega Family Pack - (12) 90 veggie capsule bottles

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Share the gift of good health with friends and family.

The Mega Family Pack is 12 (90 count) bottles of EpiCor®.

EpiCor® is a natural nutritional supplement that helps optimize immune system function. A balanced immune system supports the body's natural defenses also helps to modulate inflammatory response.


Unlike most immune ingredients, EpiCor has published human clinical trials showing it supports the immune system in many different ways. EpiCor helps strengthen the body’s defenses by:

  • Increasing antioxidant protection and white blood cell (NK cell) activity in as little as two hours.*
  • Increasing important sIgA antibodies over time.*
  • Optimizing beneficial bacteria in your gut, where over 70% of your immune cells reside.*
  • When taken daily, EpiCor helps you live more healthy days with respiratory benefits and a happy, healthy gut.*
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by on February 18, 2019

Last fall my husband and I kept having colds, fever and a nagging cough. We both had bronchitis twice and dreaded going through the winter on antibiotics and cough syrup. A friend introduced us to EpiCor as she thought it would help us to stay well. We were very skeptical but we thought why not give it a try. We have taken EpiCor since December and we have not even had a cold since. It is amazing! Our only regret is we wish we would have known about it sooner. It really works and we highly recommend EpiCor to everyone.

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by on September 6, 2017

This is the best value ever! Now everyone in my family has their own supply of EpiCor without breaking the bank. Thanks for keeping my family healthy!

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