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News & Research

At ProActive Health Products, we believe in responsible education of our customers, retailers and our physician partners. Our association with Embria Health Sciences allows us to continue to deliver current and valuable information to you.


Embria Health Sciences builds upon over 70 years of science and research into our ingredients. They are committed to meeting governmental and industry standards for safety and performance. Not all research is created equal. Embria’s scientific studies are well designed and follow strict protocols. Studies on EpiCor include:

  • Six published human clinical trials
  • Five randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials (The Gold Standard of Research)
  • Two published animal studies
  • One published series of in vitro studies
  • One series of in vitro studies published in 2013
  • Published article summarizing multiple safety studies


The safety of consumers is Embria’s number one priority. EpiCor has been thoroughly tested for safety, including multiple human research studies and in a dedicated published safety study. The research studies help show that EpiCor is safe for consumption by adults and children. Also, an independent panel of food safety experts concluded EpiCor meets FDA requirements to be considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for use in conventional foods.

Here you will find additional information on EpiCor®, immune health and more.

Mitigation of heat stress-related complications by a yeast fermentate product (June 2016)
Put on Your Immune Defense (March 2013)
A Dried Yeast Fermentate Prevents and Reduces Inflammation in Two Separate Experimental Immune Models (January 2012)
Ankeny wellness program proves successful (July 2011)
The Accidental Innovation (May 2010)
Summary of Human Clinical Trials on EpiCor® (November 2009)
The Importance of a Balanced Immune System (October 2009)
Cold & Flu Study (2009)
EpiCor and It’s Immune Effects on Gut Health (2009)
Is Your Hectic Lifestyle Making You Sick? (2009)
A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Pilot Study - The Open Nutrition Journal (May 2008)
Rapid Immune Responses to EpiCor® Consumption in Humans (April 2008)
Allergy Study (June 2009)
Metagen4™ Proprietary Fermentation and Drying Process (2007)
EpiCor Webinar Slide Show – Technical Presentation (2007)
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