History of EpiCor®

History of EpiCor®

Louis Pasteur, one of the important founders of medical microbiology, once wrote, "In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind." He never could have imagined that a discovery on a small North Dakota farm would lead to one of the most incredible nutritional discoveries of the 21st Century.

So who was this “prepared mind?” Well, the story of EpiCor began over 70 years ago.

The Power of Observation

Growing up on a farm, C.W. Bloomhall helped the family by feeding the animals and working the fields. After years of taking care of the animals, he noticed that they seemed to perform better when fed fermented leftovers. This simple observation lead to a key discovery in the animal nutrition industry.

In 1943, Bloomhall retired from the milling industry after 39 years of service and established Diamond V (DV) to begin producing a fully fermented yeast culture that improved the health and productivity of livestock. DV’s yeast culture quickly set the standard for the livestock and animal feed industry. In the decades that followed, DV grew to become one of the largest, most respected nutritional fermentation product manufacturers in the world.


The Amazing Discovery of EpiCor

In 1998, union factory employees who worked directly with the yeast culture noticed that over the past years they were not using much sick time. This simple discovery began the negotiations with management about combining unused sick leave with vacation time. Once DV management looked into this development, they confirmed that the factory workers had unusually low sick leave rates and had filed significantly less health care claims compared to the office workers at DV. Further investigations showed that DV had much lower insurance cost premium increases compared to other companies the same size in the region.

There had to be something extraordinary happening with the factory workers. DV commissioned a pilot study comparing the factory to the office workers to determine if its yeast culture was having a beneficial effect on the human immune system.

The results showed the factory workers had a stronger immune system by increased Natural Killer cell activity, higher levels of secretory IgA (sIgA) and lower levels of pro-inflammatory complexes compared to office workers that did not come in contact with the yeast culture.

Out of this groundbreaking discovery, Embria Health Sciences was formed in 2004 to develop a version of this health-promoting ingredient, EpiCor, for the human world. ProActive Health Products has proudly been delivering our EpiCor products to you since 2007.

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